We are a 501-c3 non-profit organization that serves children throughout Oklahoma.

Our Mission

Through our life-affirming programs, children are lifted from isolation and fear into possibility and hope! Year after year we serve over 400 youth through after-school programs, community events, parent visitations, and summer camps.

Our Vision

To break the generational cycle incarceration in the state of Oklahoma. 

Our Values

Our organization has been changing Oklahoma lives for over 25 years now. Each year we expand and grow further involved in our community.

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The 5 Promises

The Five Promises are a framework put forth by America's Promise outlining five resources that all children need in their lives to be successful. Children who enjoy the cumulative and sustained effect of these promises in various contexts of their lives are far more likely to be academically successful, civically engaged and socially competent, regardless of their family income.

Our Team


Executive Director

Danielle Hovenga

Office Manager

Michelle Murphy

Program Manager

Lori McQuarters


Lindsay Fry-Geier

Our Board


Susannah Adelson

Adelson Design Group


Vice President

Christy Trussell

Jim Norton Toyota


Lindsey Callery

Hogan & Taylor

Shawna Robinson

Woodrum Tate & Associates

Autumn Worten

Consultant, Community Advocate

Darold Ross

Tulsa Police Department

Eli Carpio

Futura Investments,LLC

Jennifer Davis

Union Public Schools

Mike Mills

The Universty of Tulsa – Retired

Jana Rodriguez

Catapult Learning

Dr. Nicole Washington

Elocin Behavioral Health

Ryan Burke

Tulsa Public Schools

George Walls

Bank of Oklahoma Financial

Jacqueline Blocker

Take Control Initiative

Judy Gann

New Hope Founder – Retired