Serving Oklahoma children experiencing loss due to the justice involvement of a parent.

Our Mission

Ending generational incarceration, one child at a time.

Our Vision

Through innovative programs, coordinated outreach services and advocacy, New Hope Oklahoma works to break the generational cycle incarceration in the state of Oklahoma. 

Our Values

Our organization has been serving children and families for over 30 years.

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The 5 Promises

The Five Promises are a framework put forth by America's Promise outlining five resources that all children need in their lives to be successful. Children who enjoy the cumulative and sustained effect of these promises in various contexts of their lives are far more likely to be academically successful, civically engaged and socially competent, regardless of their family income.

Our Team

After School Program Leaders

Camrey Asberry, Corey Myers, Theron Paul, Shelly Michael, Meghan Lovett, Therionna Paul, Jennifer Kerns

Executive Director

Danielle Hovenga

Office Manager

Michelle Murphy

Program Manager

Lori McQuarters


Lindsay Fry-Geier
Becky Corbin

Volunteer and Community Engagement

Sara Murphy

Our Board


Susannah Adelson

Adelson Design Group


Vice President

Jacqueline Blocker

Metriarch Oklahoma


Lindsey Callery

Hogan Taylor

Jennifer Davis

Union Public Schools

Chay Chinsethagid

Helmerich & Payne

Autumn  Worten

Community Advocate

Christy Lindsay


George Michaelopolis

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Kristy Pease

South Tulsa Travel

Ashlie Casey

Behavioral Health Clinician, LCSW

Ryan Burke

Tulsa Public Schools

George Walls

Bank of Oklahoma Financial

Jacqueline Blocker

Take Control Initiative

Lindsey Barbour

CCK Strategies, PLLC